Thank you for stopping by the Hunt Family Legacy.  This is my 2nd Legacy challenge, my first legacy. The Gallagher Legacy, is still going strong.  I update both each week, sometimes twice a week if I’m feeling ambitious.  I hope you enjoy the legacy!

Here are a few rules I’ll be following:

  • Heirs can be either male or female.
  • I will not be recording points, I will be bending the rules to suit the story as I see fit.
  • I will hold a poll at the end of each generation, so readers can vote on who they would like to see be the next heir.
  • No money cheats or any cheats that enable my sims to get ahead in life.
  • I will be using an alphabetical naming scheme in this story A-Z.
  • There will be adult situations, swearing, and maybe slight nudity throughout this story.  At the beginning of every chapter I will make sure this is posted if there any content that might be upsetting to readers.

Meet the founder, Grace Hunt.


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11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sorry you had so many problems with the last legacy! 😦 So sad when that happens. That’s what happened to my first attempt at the King legacy years back. Luckily I hadn’t gotten far so I basically re-did all of it (the one you’re reading now). Anyway, I’m excited to see how this new legacy goes. I’m glad to be starting it from the beginning this time. No catch up reading! :O

    • Yeah that was very stressful. Well your new legacy is going awesome, and I would probably be traumatized if something happened to it. My first legacy is alright now, its missing some CC and some missing things in the game, but it runs. I found and old save that worked even though a lot of the characters didn’t exist then, I somehow made it work, it took me almost a month though! lol

    • Your new legacy is doing awesome! I would probably be traumatized if something happened to it. Hopefully there are no new patches in store for us to screw up our games. I think when you play with Mods and CC patches it causes added chaos. But I gotta have that stuff. I’m addicted. >.< lol. I'm glad you stumbled across this legacy and I hope you like it. 🙂

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