About the blog:

Welcome to my second legacy blog!  This legacy starts out with my founder Grace Hunt, and I’ll follow her and her descendents. (male or female) for 10 generations or more.  Why a legacy?  Because I’ve always been interested in seeing how long I can grow a family tree, and the dynamics between families have always interested me.


  • Heirs can be male or female
  • alphabetical naming scheme will be followed
  • heirs will be decided on by a vote
  • No points will be recorded as I change the rules slightly to benefit the story
  • No cheats used, except testingcheatsenabled true, move_objects, ect.
  • Mods, as well as story progression, traveler, whoohooer, ect are allowed

A note to new readers:

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. It really does mean a lot to me.  To the fans of the Gallagher Legacy, I’m so sorry my game got corrupted due to a patch and I am no longer able to continue that story.  It is my hope that in one day I’ll be able to de-crapify my story.

About the author:

My real name is Amanda, and I’ve been a sims fan since the very first game came out.  I have an 8-year-old daughter, a fiance, and a silly hyper active puppy named Roscoe.

I hope that you enjoy this legacy as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it…


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