An apology


Hey everyone. I know its been a few months, I’ve had a lot of game issues I had tried to work out but to no avail. Long story in a nutshell, my store content became corrupted and I had to reinstall my entire game and all my CC.  It was a huge headache, and somehow I ended up losing my saves.  😦

I was going to once again re-create all my sims…yet again, and I set out to do that, and quickly got annoyed, frustrated and kind of depressed so I quit all together for a while.  A few weeks ago, I pulled myself up out of the massive funk I’ve been in and decided to try something new.  This time I’m not using any store content, even though I spent lots of money on sims point, and each one of my sims have been added to the exchange (Even though I hate the exchange with a passion) But its better than losing my hard work yet again…..(Sigh)

So yeah. (Bows head in shame) I had to start over…again.

So with that I introduce The Drake Family Secrets. (A legacy)


I know maybe this is the Universes way of telling me to move on from a legacy and try to move on, but completing a legacy challenge has always been something that I’ve been wanting to do.  This time I’m determined nothing will stop me.  (Crosses fingers)

Keep in mind that this site is only 1 day old.  Its still very a work in progress.

I want to thank all the people who commented on this story and those who have simply read it.  It really means a lot to me, and once again, i’m so sorry that I didn’t get to finish. 😦