I use a lot of CC in my game. I know it slows my game down some and there are always risks, but I can’t play without it. LOL. If you see something you like and want in your own game feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll find out where you can download it. I have so much CC that its easy to forget at times where I’ve downloaded it.


I use the mods from Nraas Industries. Gotta have my story progression! There are also a ton of other useful mods as well.


Evensdale County from My Sim Realty


I have an ungodly amount of hair and clothing in my game. Way too many to list.

This would be a good place to start. I find all my CC this way

My Sims 3 Blog



Mod The Sims

MyPalSim’s poses (some poses are 18+)

Rayne’s factory

My Blue Book

Zhippidy’s custom poses (Some are 18+)



I get many of my houses from beautiful custom worlds. I apologize if I miss any.

Oerbacker (Sims 3 forums)

Ruthless_KK (Everything Island and Sims 3 Exchange)


The Sims Resource

My Sim Realty

Wibs and the Sims


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