1.9 Blood in the Water

This chapter is Rated R for pixellated Violence, language.


Mechanics of Emotion-Fear Poses HERE

Houseboat:  The Sims Resource

Author’s note:  This chapter was hard to take pictures for since the game is somewhat limited in what we can do, even with poses.  I had to edit the photo’s in a photo editor, and I’m pretty happy how they turned out, especially the blood in the water pictures.  However I’m in no way near a professional, lol.  I hope you like the chapter!  I have also been suffering from a severe lack of motivation lately, but really wanted to update the story.  I hope it doesn’t suck. >.<

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I felt my body be lifted out of the trunk and I was thrown over Michael’s shoulders as I heard his footsteps echoing as he walked.

I was thrown roughly onto a hard wooden floor, my head pounding like a cheap drum.  I opened my eyes and saw his shadowy form standing over me.

I was helpless.  If he wanted to kill me now, I wouldn’t have been able to stop him.  I saw Michael produce a syringe from his pocket, I could see the long sharp needle glint in the low light of the moon.

There was a sharp pinch as he plunged the needle into the side of my neck and then I plunged into darkness.


Michael Harris threw Grace down into the cabin of the boat and whistled a happy cheerful tune as he manned the houseboat, expertly maneuvering it out to sea.


I opened my eyes wincing at the pain.  My head was throbbing, and I felt like I was going to be sick.

My blurry eyes searched the room.  I felt like I had been drugged.  Then it hit me like a bolt out of the blue.  I had been drugged, my last waking moment I remembered Michael plunging the syringe into my neck.


I sat on the edge of the bed rubbing my eyes and fighting back the overwhelming nausea.  I looked around at my surroundings noting the expensive furniture and the complete lack of windows.

I stood up leaning against the wall for support, my legs shaking like jelly.  Was it my imagination or was the floor rocking back and forth.  Was I on a boat? 


I tested the door, it was unlocked.  I knew Michael wouldn’t be far, I would have to be quiet, if I had any hope of making it out alive.

There was a wooden ladder that led to the upper level of the boat.  I put my hands on the first rung and hoisted myself up.  I was sweating profusely, the drug still working its way out of my system.


I reached the top quickly.  I stepped quietly into the kitchen.  I was on a boat.  I had to admit the idea made a lot of sense.  Michael obviously wanted to get me alone, and a boat in the middle of the ocean was a pretty good way to accomplish that!


My pulse was racing.  I stood still like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.  All I could hear was the gentle rocking of the boat and the sound of the rain as it hit the hull of the boat.

I took one step towards the door and froze as I saw Michael silhouetted against the darkness of the sky.


I let out a startled scream, and looked around wildly looking for any way to escape.


Michael said nothing as he took a step towards me.   I backed up until my legs hit the couch.  I fell landing on my butt on the soft carpeting, starring up at Michael with hate and fear.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked Michael, I would not give him the satisfaction of crying.


“Because you are my wife!” Michael thundered his eyes full of fury.  “You belong to me!”


“I would rather die then be with you.” I spat, boldly meeting his eyes.  “I swear to you Michael, you may be able to hold me here against my will, but I will never love you, and I swear I will try and escape every chance I get.  And if I can’t I would rather kill myself.”

He grabbed me by my hair forcing me to my knees.  I closed my eyes wondering if he was going to kill me.  Would this be the moment I would die? 

The boat suddenly rocked to one side, I opened my eyes to see Michael stumble slightly.  This was my chance.

I stood up in one fluid motion, knocking him over and bolting towards the door.


I lunged at Michael with everything I had, and ran past him as fast as my legs would carry me. I stopped when I reached the edge of the boat and looked down at the ocean.  Did I even dare? Sure, I could swim, but we were so far out that I wasn’t sure I could make it safely back to land.


I turned when Michael approached me laughing.

“You little bitch.” He spat.  “You won’t jump.”

I looked at Michael, then back at the churning sea.  The wind was whipping my hair in my eyes, and as I stared into his eyes, all I saw was hatred and madness, and I knew I would rather take my chances in the ocean then spend one more second with him.  I would rather drown.


In one fluid motion, I put one foot up over the edge and flung myself into the sea.  The water was surprisingly warm as I dove deep, the hurricane gathering speed from the warm ocean waters.

I took one huge gulp of air and dove deep and swam away from the boat as fast as I could in the direction of shore.


I swam for my life, only surfacing when I had too breathe.  When I neared the shore, I turned and gazed in the direction of the houseboat which was no more then a couple of lights far away.  I kept swimming.


I swam until the sun started to rise, and the torrential rain turned into a slight drizzle.  I was so close, I could almost feel the sand beneath my feet.  I felt a surge of relief.

A loud motor sound made the blood freeze in my veins.  I turned and saw Michael heading toward me on the speedboat that had been attached behind the yacht.  I wanted to cry, the shore was still too far away.  I would never make it!


“There is nowhere you can go that I can’t find you.” Michael spat as the speedboat pulled beside me, his dark eyes angry in the early light of day.

“I would rather drown then be your prisoner.” I vowed.  I started to dive, but Michael grabbed a fistful of my long hair, and pulled me upwards out of the water, I screamed with pain kicking against the side of the fiberglass boat like a hell cat.  He dragged me into the boat, and kicked me once in the ribs.  I curled up into a ball crying out with pain.  He dragged me to my feet and threw me roughly into the seat then started the engine.


Michael took off at high speed towards the yacht, and I knew this was my only chance. I would have no other shot at this.

I popped out of my seat so quickly Michael had no idea what hit him.  I slammed into Michael with every ounce of strength I had in my poor tired battered body.  He fell out of the boat with an enraged scream, and hit the water.

I jumped into the drivers seat, having never driven a boat before, but lucky for me it was already running.  I turned the boat and gunned it straight at Michael who flailed in the water, his eyes full of fury.


In a million years I would never forget what it felt like to hit Michael with the boat.  All I saw was his dark eyes staring at me with hate as I aimed the large watercraft in his direction, and felt it slam into his body with a loud yet satisfying thud.  The engine sputtered for a moment, and I waited for Michael to surface.  He didn’t.  All I saw was a spreading pool of blood mixing with the blue green water.


I let the engine idle for a moment my eyes searching for any sign of movement.  Then I gunned the engine and aimed it for shore.

I was free…


15 thoughts on “1.9 Blood in the Water

  1. She, she… she really did escape from him o_O But this wasn’t really how I pictured it all to end… eh…. wow! But what will seriously happen know? :O
    I’m speachless and really don’t know what to say; this was intence and then…. boom! Nothing more. My brain have to process all this, but this wasn’t a bad chapter! No, no ^^ I really liked it and the pictures was very good! 😀 I liked actually how you did the blood and I’m so looking forward to the next chapter! 🙂

    • I’m currently working on the next chapter, which hopefully will explain some more details on what happened in this chapter. 🙂 I know this chapter went quick. Since it was all on the water it was very limited in what I could do, but I really really wanted it to happen on a boat. So I made do with what the game would allow. I’m glad you liked the chapter, I’m honestly not sure if I do or not. LOL. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Whoa. This is awesome! I’m so glad she got away, thank goodness. Now I worry for what will happen next… how will Grace explain this one when the police inevitably get involved and what if Michael has powerful rich friends? I hope she’s not out of the frying pan and straight into the fire :O

  3. Wow, so Grace did have to get rid of that bastard, but I wasn’t expecting she would end up killing him O.o. Now, I worry what will happen when/if someone finds the body. I hope she can get away with it…

    The murder scene was awesome! 😀

  4. Woah. I didn’t think she had that in her. What happens next? Nobody knows how he treated her, if they found the body there’d be no way for her to defend herself. Goodness. T,T

  5. …. Maybe Micheal is not dead ? I hope he is not ’cause if he is, when his body will come back to surface, Grace will have a lot a trouble.
    Even if it was self-defense…well not really, because she could just have let him in the water and go away with the speedboat. But whatever, even if she was the victime here, there’s no one to confirm that. And as Micheal is a rich and I’m supposed influent person, he sure have important contacts in the all damn country ! XD

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